Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Hell-Fire Caves

Today HPANWO TV heads for High Wycombe, a strange and enigmatic town nestling in the Chitern Hills which hides an even more peculiar place: Deep underground caverns built for an Elite secret society: The Hell-Fire Club. The place is reputed to be the site of major paranormal activity. Would I encounter anything like that?

Part 1- High Wycombe:
Part 2- Eden Centre:
Part 3- Golden Ball:
Part 4- Entrance to the Caves:
Part 5- Inside the Caves 1:
Part 6- Inside the Caves 2:
Part 7- Inside the Caves 3 (Ghost!?):
Part 8- Hell-Fire Club Sandwich:
Part 9- Dashwood Mausoleum:
Part 10- West Wycombe Church:

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