Monday, 20 May 2019

The Secrets of Newbury

Newbury is not a famous place, but it should be. It is a town full of enigmas, both modern and ancient. Fellow YouTuber Tina Silver, aka AnotherBlonde, gave me a tour of the town, see here for her channel:

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Stanton Friedman Dies

I'm sorry to have to report that the great conspiratorial UFOlogist Stanton T Friedman has died. He was a pioneer of research into the 1947 Roswell Incident and steadfastly insisted that UFO's were truly extraterrestrial. See here for his official website:

Monday, 13 May 2019

Dr Strangelove- Film Review

A HPANWO TV roving review of the film Dr Strangelove starring Peter Sellers, George C Scott and Sterling Hayden. It is directed by Stanley Kubrick and written by Stanley Kubrick, Terry Southern and Peter George. See:
See here for the previous roving film review:
I was assisted in this production by Mark Devlin, see:

Friday, 10 May 2019

The Shill Squad 3- Tribunal

The Truth movement is torn apart by infighting. What can be done to save it from complete destruction and the resulting failure of its mission? Perhaps a new idea that I've had, a "shill tribunal".
This film is a follow up to a previous one in this series, The Shill Squad 2- Ben Fellows; watch it for essential background, see:

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Truth Seekers North East 5- Off Duty

I returned once again to Newcastle-upon-Tyne to do a talk for Truth Seekers North East. Along with the talk we went to a series of social events and travelled around the area.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Interview with Keith Chaston

Keith Chaston is a professional clinical spiritual hypnotherapist and healer based in the northeast of England. He uses hypnosis, the emotional freedom technique, neuro-linguistic programming and meridian therapy. See here for details:

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Renegade- Film Review

A HPANWO TV roving review of the new film Renegade- The Life Story of David Icke.  It is directed by Stephen Peek and produced by David Icke. See: and:
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