Monday, 26 July 2010

Ben Goes on Tor!

HPANWO TV proudly presents our second feature-length movie: Ben Goes on Tor! It is a documentary report on the Glastonbury Symposium 2010 in 25 parts. Accompanying article:
(Article and video parts will be added soon if blank)

Opening Titles:
Part 1- Departure:
Part 2- Glastonbury Tor:
Part 3- Avebury and Silbury Hill:
Part 4- First Crop Circle:
Part 5- Second Crop Circle:
Part 6- Stonehenge:
Part 7- Glastonbury High Street:
Part 8- Alley Market:
Part 9- Jason Porthouse:
Part 10- Ian R Crane:
Part 11- Auditorium:
Part 12- Venue:
Part 13- Simon Morris Interview:
Part 14- Chalice Well:
Part 15- John Dalton:
Part 16- Heidi Interview Part 1: (Video removed, apologies)
Part 17- Heidi Interview Part 2: (Video removed, apologies)
Part 18- Heidi Interview Part 3: (Video removed, apologies)
Part 19- Old Church:
Part 20- Jackie Queally:
Part 21- Stalls:
Part 22- Andy Thomas:
Part 23- Dally Interview:
Part 24- Glastonbury Abbey:
Part 25- Final Thoughts:
Closing Credits:
Out-take 1- Bebe's:
Out-take 2- Reading Station Subway:

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Burka will NOT be Banned. Good!


Today in “The Sun” it has been announced that the Burka will NOT be banned. I’m glad!

Background article:

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Don't Eat Pringles!

"Once you pop, you can't stop!" What a slogan! Why can't you stop? Well take a look at the ingredients list!... And tremble!


Sunday, 4 July 2010

Mutilating Mother Earth

This artifical gorge through the mighty Chiltern Hills is a scar through the body of the Earth in my view. There's nothing to celebrate here about Man's "ingenuity". This is not progress and innovation; it is desruction and small-mindedness. And it's just typical of our society where everything must be done as quickly as possible and "getting there" is all that matters. We see ancient people as primitive for sacrificing to their gods, but what do we sacrifice to our gods eh? The gods called "Economic Growth", "Corporate Feudalism" and "Illuminati Occupation"? We kill our fellow humans and damage the body of the planet that gave us life!