Sunday, 29 October 2017

Westgate Oxford

The new and improved Westgate centre in Oxford opened this week. What kind of strange and significant things does it contain? HPANWO TV investigates.


  1. Another great hpanwo video Ben. Interesting you mentioned pubs constantly changing their names, maybe, as you suggested, to disorientate us. I suppose the normal reason for this (amongst most people that is) is due to said pub being taken over by new ownership hence why they changed the name to something else. Or is it?. Why would new owners of a particular pub want to change the name of the place when it's the same as when it owned by someone else?; is it the local authorities/council who decided what the pub is called or the owners/managers/landlords?. If it's the latter then I suppose it's down personal choice.

  2. Shopping centres are bland and soulless and look the same, which I believe is deliberate.

    Glad you mentioned those ever intrusive CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras are everywhere you go now, it's becoming part of everyday living of having your images and sounds recorded wherever you go; I don't think there is anything anyone can do about it, not for the foreseeable future at least, because there's far too many "justifiable" excuses for it and not just the hysteria about terrorism but because of the crime levels. Now you're watched going to the swimming baths with your kids, watched eating in a cafe, and now they CCTV cameras mounted on the outside of ambulances. Ben, has you're an ex hospital porter what's the excuse for this?. Next you're entire wedding in a church will be recorded on CCTV for some stupid "safety and security" reason and no doubt the footage will be databased by the police. More our of privacies and things we considered personal to us is now being taken away from us.

  3. Thanks for your comments, Anons. You both make really good points.