Thursday 26 October 2017

Probe- Autumn 2017

By popular request, a reportage on the autumn 2017 UK Probe International Conference in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire. This one of the most popular and long-running UFO/paranormal/conspiracy conferences in Europe and I've been many times before, see links below. This conference is the first one in Probe's new venue.
See here for previous reviews and reportages:


  1. Good report Ben of this interesting conference; looks a good meet up. Noticed you mentioned Chris Turner, I assume he's the same Chris Turner who's involved in the British Bigfoot research along with Deborah Hatswell. I live fairly local to Chris as he comes from the Bolton area.

    You should've popped over to Blackpool and done some additional hpanwo reporting. Went there recently and was shocked to discovery they now have security at the doors to the tower, Tussaud's, Sea life Centre and godknows what other attractions, where they search your bags and handbags in case you have a bomb or other potential dangerous weapon. No doubt the recent "terror attacks" have provided the excuse for this drastic measure. I went to Blackpool recently with my family but I refused to go into those places because I will not be treated live a slave and bow down to this intrusive fascist measure. Hope they aren't doing this at Prove. Won't be long til they roll out the body scanners as Ritchie Allen witnessed at a Neil Diamond concert.

  2. Lytham St Anne's is an interesting and nice place as you say Ben, but the place seems to have different names: St Annes-on-Sea, Lytham, and Lytham St Annes. I've heard St Annes and Lytham St Annes are two separate towns along the Fylde coast, and looking at a map it does appear to be classed as two places, Lytham I think being situated further down the coast. Lytham St Annes is where the late comedian Les Dawson lived. It reminds me a bit like Alderley Edge in Cheshire where all of footballers and other wealthy people live. I don't think you'll find an Aldi or Poundland shop there:)