Saturday, 27 April 2019

Renegade- Film Review

A HPANWO TV roving review of the new film Renegade- The Life Story of David Icke.  It is directed by Stephen Peek and produced by David Icke. See: and:
See here for the previous roving film review:


  1. Shame on those who cancelled his LA showing of his film.

    Despite David having a very big fan base, he is still very much loathed and laughed at by the majority of the populace, whom still think he's a ravving loon that believes in shape shifting reptilians and all that. I'm sure there will be "closet" Icke fans out there, but I doubt many will admit to it for fear of being made an outcast among their circle of friends/family. I'm surprised Renegade has got an IMDb page (surprised they haven't tried to sensor that). I don't think you'll see many movie forums discussing David's new film anytime soon; if it's not the latest Game of Thrones episode or whatever then most people aren't interested, and of course that's how tptb want to, to keep people with the latest TV trends, sports, etc rather than watching someone who's actually done something positive and proactive.

  2. It's a testament to David's bravery that he doesn't give up. It's great he's got people like us who do appreciate him.