Saturday, 19 May 2018

Royal Wedding Livestream

And: (Coming soon)

A livestream about the Royal Wedding. Prince Harry and Megan Markle have become husband and wife. What are the issues associated with this and how does it relate to the Royal Family in general


  1. Hi Ben, nothing related to the wedding here, but during the comments you received you got a message saying Paul is alive and isnt dead, to which you replied "yes he is dead". Ive looked into the PiD theory quite abit and find this theory quite fascinating, however, I dont entirely think this conspiracy is as simple as it appears. I tend to go along with the theory that what we‘ve been looking at are of different people, either twins or even multiples, some of which exhibit the right arched eyebrow, lower set eyebrow, shorter height and taller height, hazel eyes and blue eyes etc. There‘s a site called the Beatles never Existed which illustrates the varying differences showing there was more than one Paul, maybe even more than one George, Ringo and John, right from when the Beatles were formed. Mark Devlin has considered the idea of Paul and Faul having been twins. Have you looked into this theory?.

  2. Hiya Ben, great live stream as per usual. I loved watching the wedding and I thought is was nice. Although I cheekily ask, seeing as you know Harry (at least I'm sure you said that, or I may have dreamt it) do you think he earnt his brown wings last night?

    Kind regards


  3. Glad you enjoyed the livestream, thanks. But I don't know what you mean, Clare.

  4. Hi Anon, please see my video and HPANWO Radio shows on Paul McCartney.