Tuesday 23 September 2014

Rendlesham Forest 2014

I've had a marvellous weekend in Suffolk. I attended the Rendlesham Forest Incident Conference 2014 and then travelled into the forest itself with some friends and UFO experts to explore.


  1. This is happening now in 2015.... wake up !!! and reading e listening on videos as much as possible to understand that is real.....
    I recomend:
    David Icke
    Rosario Marcianò
    Simon Parkes
    Sol Ahisma
    Jonathan Reed
    Everithing is connect like a grid
    They are killing our brain to made us Slave more than now.

    Seis días en la Tierra

  2. Thank you for sharing this information.

  3. Thanks for your work. I am trying to find any current information on Dr. Reed. Google searches all mention his experience as a hoax. Do you have a website for his current status with regards to tours and appearances if any?

  4. You're welcome :-) Dr Reed appears to have vanished from the scene. I've not heard of him for months