Friday 18 April 2014

Oxford's Secret Science

In the Science Area of Oxford University the world's most leading edge research is done, some of it controversial. However, could there be a black world of covert science operations also going on behind its stone walls, like geoengineering and secret pharmaceuticals? Has at least one person already given their life to keep that secret?


  1. I have a lot of time for hospital porters. I am a medical secretary, I have worked in hospitals for years and I know what a great job they do. However, they are NOT climate scientists. I have friends and relatives who understand this topic in depth and I would prefer to believe their opinion, distressing though it is, that climate change is real, the evidence is all around us and we need to do something about it quick sharp, to at least mitigate the worst effects on the most vulnerable parts of the world. Oh, and here in East Anglia we are pretty vulnerable to flooding!

  2. We've had some bad floods in Oxford as well. And of course we have to protect our environment from that. But what is causing the flooding? Deforestation, the building up of concrete on river banks, mismanagement of water supplies, or... humans putting PLANT FOOD into the air!?