Tuesday 17 December 2013

New Tesco

In Oxford there's a NISA fairtrade workers' cooperative shop and just a few doors down a new Tescos Express is about to open. What's going to happen? Also I'm sad to report The People's Supermarket has closed down.

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  1. We have seen it coming; I remember they fought to keep it closed while I lived about 600 meters from this pub, around May 2010. To add to this, I guess you remember two small shops next to Lloyds bank in Headington? One moved opposite (where Fairtrade shop existed, briefly), the other one moved to where Brambles used to be - and they will open another "Tesco" shop there (that's 1st hand info from guy having office in same building). And "Peacocks" - on opposite side of road - are closing as you read it, they'll do "Sainsbury's" there. So, to sum it up - by June 2014 we may have Co-Op, Waitrose, Iceland, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons (opened in October instead of "Blockbuster") in radius of 400 meters. Question remains - who will "die" first? :] shame about People's Supermarket, too.