Saturday 6 October 2012

Ben is a Shill!


I recently came across this webpage:
Oh no! My cover has been blown! I’m a shill!

Background articles and films:


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  2. Oh you who are you calling a bastard have you ever met Ben he is one of the decent genuine guys Ive ever met in this movemt leave him alone!

  3. Ben,
    I'm not sure you've fully looked at this website. It states (amongst the initial criteria used to judge a truther):
    "Those presumed to be truthers get a heart (♥) while those thought to be disinformation agents get a pyramid Δ."
    Your section is highlighted in red with a heart. In other words, whoever runs the site considers you legit! - not a shill.
    It is an interesting website and, although a little sketchy in it's arguements, does raise important questions about certain truthers.
    It can't be too bad, as it raises the importance of Dr Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson's work... which is always a good thing.
    Just thought I'd bring this to your attention anyway.
    Carl (The 'Guide)

  4. David Vincent? He's a phony now, poseur...used to be leader of great American death metal band, but turned into his own parody...not the greatest choice of nick, imho :]

    And Ben is maybe a bit spaced-out at times, yet I agree that he's a great and jolly (thus misunderstood by many) fellow - and definitely not a bastard. Period.

  5. Hi Carl. Since I made the video I've looked at the website in more detail and can see that despite the author's misgivings about me I do get a heart. It does seem to be a genuine website and I bear the author no ill will. My film was more of a light-hearted parody than anything else.
    Cheers. Ben

  6. Thanks for sticking up for me, Heidi. That individual whose comment I've deleted is part of the troll team attacking the HPANWO Forum.

  7. Hi Cabal. Thanks mate. I'm glad you think so :-) P&D Bro Po.