Monday 26 March 2012

Secrets of Milton Keynes

Complete film:

Separate scenes:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Milton Keynes is a large town in the English Midlands, one of many, but it’s actually one of the most peculiar places in the entire world. Previously I showed you the mysterious Neolithic-style monument that had been erected at the coach station, see: Now I’m going back for a closer look at the other esoteric aspects of this town, thanks to information provided to me by somebody.


  1. I had been to Milton Keynes last month. It was really good with esoteric places and the food was awesome. Thought I'd share!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Anon. There are plenty of good places to eat out! I'm heading back there soon. Ben

  3. Interesting videos.

    I am not sure if this is relevant but Milton Keynes was the home of big Raves in the 1990's.
    The Criminal Justice Bill killed big raves which were being held all over the country (Fantazia etc)
    Milton Keynes then became the home of Dreamscape & Helter Skelter.
    Every Week there were raves with 5000+ people.
    Surely there has to be a correlation between somewhere?

  4. As a resident of Milton Keynes for over 30 years, a few comments:
    The “henge” near the coachway I cannot help you with; it's new to me!
    As to the other video...
    You seem to have only been between the coachway and the shopping centre – like most visitors - but you ain't seen Milton Keynes!
    The alignments of roads was more luck than judgement, as the grid roads (the V's) are aligned to Watling Street (the Roman road), which was the only main road through the area at the time, and the H's are at 90 degs. The shopping centre roads, parallel to the H roads, was aligned so close to the summer solstice sunrise, that it was an obvious thing to do!
    The pyramidal building you refer to is not a library, but is called The Point. It was a night-club – now closed – and Britain's first multi-screen cinema. Developers want to knock it down, to build yet more retail space, but the locals want it retained as the icon it has been!
    There are many properly interesting places round MK. Behind the actual library – the other side of the main shopping building – is the Secklow Mound, a Saxon Moot. In Woolstone – an area of MK there are the earthworks of a mediaeval village, complete with fishponds.
    There are many other examples I could give, but that should show you that MK is more than you have seen so far.