Friday, 18 March 2011

Walt Disney's Underworld

For many years Walt Disney has been a name synonymous with family entertainment. Almost every person on Earth alive today has had their youth influenced by Walt Disney films. Today, now as much as ever, the Walt Disney Corporation continues to release films, build theme parks and touch the hearts and minds of the world’s children. As anything aimed at children Disney has a reputation and image of innocence and purity, but does it deserve it? I think not.

There are several websites and videos exposing subliminal messages in Disney films of an Occult and sexual nature. (EG: I have discovered something about Disney’s first feature film, Snow White, released in 1937. This is not a case of subliminal messaging, but it indicates that Walt Disney had an interest in secret underground worlds and their mythical… or not so mythical… inhabitants.

(Thanks to HPANWO Forum-member Georgia for raising this subject. See: Here’s the website of Brian Allan, whom I mentioned in the film as a good area of further study:

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