Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Oxford Reptilian

Because of David Icke, the phenomenon of Reptilian Humanoids has almost become stock-in-trade for anyone investigating the New World Order conspiracy. However not everybody accepts their presence as a reality. A convincing factor is that despite the very recent awareness of Reptilians they are not just a new and recent idea. In Magdalen College Oxford you’ll find statues of Reptilian Humanoids 500 years old.
I’d like to thanks my friend and fellow researcher Ben Fairhall for making this discovery. You can read about this and more at his blog: http://the-daily-behamoth.blogspot.com/ Also see the HPANWO main site links column. Here's a radio interview with Ben:


  1. Once one looks, there are images of shapeshifting, and human/reptiles, in many prestigious locations.

    There was a thread on the David Icke forums about painters who knew of the reptilian mythos:


  2. Thanks, There. I'm a DIF member so I'll comment on the thread.

  3. The way that reptilian and shape shifting images are found around sites of European institutional authority is very evident, once one looks for it. Many sculptures, fountains, plinths, engravings, seals, etc. have them. Mermaids - salamaders - dragons - gargoyles ...
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