Sunday 23 January 2011


See here for the HPANWO TV interview with "Charles": 

This is HPANWO TV's finest hour! We have managed to secure an exclusive interview with "Charles", the secret global government insider who spoke to Bill Ryan on Project Avalon. See here for background:


  1. Thanks for the laughs. That was hilarious. I got the impression from that Avalon interview that Charles told the truth about some things and lied about others. For example, he probably was told to disinfo Bill and ruin his reputation, but no, he didn't decide to ignore the order. I won't be a bit surprised when Charles very publicly confesses that it was all a joke to show how gullible the "conspiracy nuts" are. It was painful to watch him playing Bill like a cheap violin, so he probably is primarily a con man. My guess is that nearly all Charles' personal background is bullshit, since that's typical of sociopaths, except for the part about him being watched and recruited, also typical of sociopaths. I think the stuff about "purist" ethics is true. I noticed some time ago that TPTB do tell the truth, but they do it in a way that knowingly misleads. They follow the letter but not the spirit of their code and, like lawyers, they use words differently. For instance, America, the nation, us, we, our people, etc., always refer to the elite controllers, not the rest of us. One thing that was interesting were the subjects not discussed (chem-trails, anyone?).

  2. Glad you liked it, Muluc.

    Apart from disliking "Charles" personally I was very suspicious of him because he fails to answer Bill's question at 1.01.15. He stumbles badly. What happened to Mr Seen-it-all Know-it-all Supersoldier?

    Bill sounds like good guy; respectful, kind, open-minded. This unfortuantely makes him vulnerable to being targeted by arrogant Cockney wannabe blaggers like this one.

    As you say, this might be a "Carlos" scam: He's fooling us deliberately so he can then come clean and admit it, thereby showing Bill and the rest of us up for being a fool to believe him.

  3. Brilliant video on your channel.
    Can i say i thought he was a fraud also and yeah he couldn't answer a few questions put to him. and has not told us anything we dont know. I mean the only thing he mentioned was body lanquage?
    Brill video